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Последние изменения:

ASAGI (vocalist)
Date of birth: 08.29
Horoscope: Virgo
Blood type: A
Height/Weight: 178cm/59kg
Birthplace: Akita

Ruiza (guitarist)
Date of birth: 02.18
Horoscope: Aquarius
Blood type: A
Height/Weight: 5cm/1t
Birthplace: Itami

HIDE-ZOU (guitarist)
Date of birth: 11.19
Horoscope: Scorpio
Blood type: O
Height/Weight: 172cm/55kg
Birthplace: Kanagawa

Tsunehito (bassist)
Date of birth: 03.05
Horoscope: Pisces
Blood type: mystery
Height/Weight: 169cm/48kg
Birthplace: Yokohama

HIROKI (drummer)
Data of birth: 07.20
Horoscope: Cancer
Blood type: AB
Height/weight: 178cm/60kg
Birthplace: Gunma

After Syndrome disbanded in November 2002, ASAGI, Ruiza and SIN wanted to continue in the same band and decided to form new one. They asked HIROKI (ex-Aioria, ex-S to M) and Rena (ex-Personna) to join the band and D started activities in March 2003.

At the same year"s summer SIN decided to leave the band and Ruiza got hospitalized for unclear reasons but D managed to release their first mini-album NEW BLOOD. ASAGI, Rena and HIROKI decided still to do all band"s lives but as session band named Night of the Children. HIDE-ZOU and Tetsu joined as support guitarists on that time and when Ruiza got back, HIDE-ZOU joined D as permanent guitarist. They released their first single "Alice", which was only song composed by Rena in their first one-man concert in Meguro Rokumeikan on November 27.

Right in the next year D expanded their activities outside of Tokyo. They made couple tours and also released a mini-album "Paradox", a maxi-single "Yume Narishi Kuushuu Teien", a single "Mayutsuki no Hitsugi" and re-released their first mini-album "NEW BLOOD" as "NEW BLOOD ~second impact~".

2005 was busy year in D"s life. They had tours and released singles and even first full-length album "The name of the ROSE". But then other things happened. In summer of 2005 - in the middle of the recording of "The name of the ROSE" - the bassist Rena decided to left band 23 July for unclear reasons. D still decided to continue their activities. HIDE-ZOU played bass on their summer concert and the first full-length album saw its day. On December 5 D announced that Tsunehito (ex-SCISSOR) will be joining D as a bassist.

Following next years were also busy. D released more music, organized tours and concerts, but also formed their fan club named "Ultimate lover" and in spring 2008 - right after their "Follow me" tour - D joined Avex Trax label, became major band and released their first major single "BIRTH".

As major band D released many singles and albums, they also made concerts and tours nationwide in Japan during those years, but finally in the spring of 2011 D made their first European Tour. They visited in seven countries and also participated A-Kon 2011 in US, Texas. After returning to Japan, D went back to indie for label GOD CHILD RECORDS and expanded by opening an official Facebook page. Now back as indie band, they released "Torikago Goten ~L'Oiseau bleu~" single and memorial DVD and book about European tour and A-Kon, but also a mini-album "Huang di ~Yami ni umareta mukui~".

Less than a year of their last visit in Europe D made bands first World Tour in 2012. This time they visited not only in Europe but also in South America. Right after that great tour they also opened an official fan club "Ultimate lover Global" for oversea fans. They also continued activities in Japan and released a couple singles and one mini-album.

In 2013 D opened official Youtube channel and released their first Best of album "Treasure box", which includes songs from their times under GOD CHILD RECORDS label and later in the same year, was also released another best of album from their Avex Trax era. At 2013 D also decided to go back major and joined Victor Entertainment, where they released some songs before decided return to indie and went back under GOD CHILD RECORDS in spring 2014. They also released new Best of album, which presented all songs from ASAGI"s Vampire Story in right order.

TEXT: Aysha

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